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Wissenschaftliche Abschlussarbeit - Detailansicht

Bereich Bau und Umwelt - Fakultät Umweltwissenschaften - Fachrichtung Geowissenschaften - Institut für Kartographie - Professur für Kartographie

Genesis, conservation and deformation of ice-rich mountain perma-frost: Driving factors, mapping and geodetic monitoring
Art der Abschlussarbeit
  • Kenner, Robert
  • Prof. Dr.phil.habil. Manfred Buchroithner
This thesis analyses ice-rich mountain permafrost with regard to its genesis, distribution, deformation and interaction with other environmental factors. The processes influencing ground ice formation in ice-rich and ice-poor mountain permafrost are highlighted. Factors influencing the presence of ice-rich permafrost are identified and their individual or combined effect on frozen ground is determined. Based on these findings, a new permafrost distribution map of Switzerland was created, which specifies permafrost temperature and ice contents and considers rock glacier creep paths. The deformation of rock glaciers is investigated with newly developed monitoring systems and concepts. This enables a better understanding of the processes leading to rock glacier acceleration at different time scales.
Ice-rich permafrost, Mountain permafrost mapping, Ground ice genesis, Rock glacier acceleration, Glacier, Mass movements, Geodetic monitoring, Time-lapse photography, Terrestrial laser scanning
Stand: 09.08.2018