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Strategic planning of depots for a railway crew scheduling problem
Martin Scheffler, 09/2019

A problem specific genetic algorithm for disassembly planning and scheduling considering process plan flexibility and parallel operations
Franz Ehm, 09/2019

In-vitro assessment of secondary genotoxicity by air-liquid interface exposures
Di Bucchianico S, Bauer S, Bisig C, Zimmermann EJ, Binder S, Huber A, Kanashova T, Bialas E, Konzack D, Hillemann L, Saraji-Bozorgzad MR, Gutmann B, Streibel T, Oeder S, Zimmermann R, 25.08.2019 - 30.08.2019

Characterization of Spray Aerosols Generated from Nanoparticle containing Suspensions and Cell Exposure (NANOaers)
Bergelt P, Hillemann L, Biekandt F, Tentschert J, Jungnickel H, Laux P, Luch A, Molina R, Brain J, Stintz M, 25.08.2019 - 30.08.2019

Particulate emissions from cutting of carbon fibre reinforced concrete
Hillemann L, Göhler D, Konzack D, Große S, Berger M, Streibel T, Krebs T, Rudolph A, Heidenreich R, Zimmermann R, Stintz M, 25.08.2019 - 30.08.2019

Animal replacement model to study drug aerosol deposition within the capnoperitonea of rats: an aerosol-analytical approach to support anticancer research on advanced peritonealcarcinomatosis
Göhler D, Geldner A, Lohse F, Gritzki R, Große S, Hillemann L, Bergelt P, Stintz M, Sobilo J, Pape AL, Giger-Pabst U., 25.08.2019 - 30.08.2019

Exactly solvable quantum impurity model with inverse-square interactions
Hong-Hao Tu, 05.09.2019

Tensor network states for topological phases: construction and characterization
Hong-Hao Tu, 21.02.2019

Constructing and characterizing topological phases with tensor networks
Hong-Hao Tu, 22.05.2019

Theory of Matrix Product States
Hong-Hao Tu, 29.07.2019