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Kaeseberg, Thomas; Zhang, Jin; Schubert, Sara; Oertel, Reinhard; Siedel, Heiner: Sewer sediment bound antibiotics as a potential environmental risk: adsorption and desorption affinity of 14 antibiotics and one metabolite. In: Environmental Pollution 239 (2018), S. 638–647

Kaeseberg, Thomas; Schubert, Sara; Oertel, Reinhard; Zhang, Jin; Berendonk, Thomas U; Krebs, Peter: Hot spots of antibiotic tolerant and resistant bacterial subpopulations in natural freshwater biofilm communities due to inevitable urban drainage system overflows. In: Environmental Pollution 242 (2018), S. 164–170

Kaeseberg, Thomas; Zhang, Jin; Schubert, Sara; Oertel, Reinhard; Krebs, Peter: Abiotic, biotic and photolytic degradation affinity of 14 antibiotics and one metabolite – batch experiments and a model framework. In: Environmental Pollution 241 (2018), S. 339–350

Richter, Luise; Schwenkmezger, Lisa; Becker, Jochen; Winkelmann, Carola; Hellmann, Claudia; Worischka, Susanneq: The very hungry amphipod: the invasive Dikerogammarus villosus shows high consumption rates for two food sources and independent of predator cues. In: Biological Invasions 20 (2018), S. 1321–1335

Kasprzak, Peter; Gonsiorczyk, Thomas; Grossart, Hans-Peter; Hupfer, Michael; Koschel, Rainer; Petzoldt, Thomas; Wauer, Gerlinde: Restoration of a eutrophic hard-water lake by applying an optimised dosage of poly-aluminium chloride (PAC). In: Limnologica 70 (2018), S. 33–48

Heß, Stefanie; Berendonk, Thomas U; Kneis, David: Antibiotic resistant bacteria and resistance genes in the bottom sediment of a small stream and the potential impact of remobilization. In: FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 94 (2018), Nr. 9, S. fiy128

Burberg, Christian; Ilic, Maja; Petzoldt, Thomas; Eric, von Elert: Nitrate determines growth and protease inhibitor content of the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa. In: Journal of Applied Phycology (2018)

Floriano, Anna M; Castelli, Michele; Krenek, Sascha; Berendonk, Thomas U; Bazzocchi, Chiara; Petroni, Giulio; Sassera, Davide: The Genome Sequence of Candidatus Fokinia Solitaria: Insights on Reductive Evolution in Rickettsiales. In: Genome Biology and Evolution 10 (2018), Nr. 4, S. 1120–1126

Sabaneyeva, E; Castelli, M; Szokoli, F; Benken, K; Lebedeva, N; Salvetti, A; Schweikert, M; Fokin, S; Petroni, G: Host and symbiont intraspecific variability: The case of Paramecium calkinsi and “Candidatus Trichorickettsia mobilis”. In: European journal of protistology 62 (2018), S. 79–94

Zhao, Renxin; Feng, Jie; Yin, Xiaole; Liu, Jie; Fu, Wenjie; Berendonk, Thomas U; Zhang, Tong; Li, Xiaoyan; Li, Bing: Antibiotic resistome in landfill leachate from different cities of China deciphered by metagenomic analysis. In: Water research 134 (2018), S. 126–139

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