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Li, Yungui; Tang, Zheng; Hänisch, Christian; Will, Paul-Anton; Kovačič, Milan; Hou, Ji-Ling; Scholz, Reinhard; Leo, Karl; Lenk, Simone; Reineke, Sebastian: Ultrathin MoO3 Layers in Composite Metal Electrodes: Improved Optics Allow Highly Efficient Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. In: Advanced Optical Materials 7 (2019), Nr. 3

Jenatsch,S., ; Altazin,S., ; Will,P.-A., ; Neukom,M. T., ; Knapp,E., ; Züfle,S., ; Lenk,S., ; Reineke,S., ; Ruhstaller,B., : Quantitative analysis of charge transport in intrinsic and doped organic semiconductors combining steady-state and frequency-domain data. In: Journal of Applied Physics 124 (2018), Nr. 10

Fischer, Axel; Pfalz, Manuel; Vandewal, Koen; Lenk, Simone; Liero, Matthias; Glitzky, Annegret; Reineke, Sebastian: Full Electrothermal OLED Model Including Nonlinear Self-heating Effects. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 10 (2018), Nr. 1

Murawski, Caroline; Elschner, Chris; Lenk, Simone; Reineke, Sebastian; Gather, Malte C.: Investigating the molecular orientation of Ir(ppy)(3) and Ir(ppy)(2)(acac) emitter complexes by X-ray diffraction. In: ORGANIC ELECTRONICS 53 (2018), S. 198–204

Shi, Xiao-Bo; Liu, Yuan; Yuan, Zhongcheng; Liu, Xiao-Ke; Miao, Yanfeng; Wang, Jianpu; Lenk, Simone; Reineke, Sebastian; Gao, Feng: Optical Energy Losses in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes. In: ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS 6 (2018), Nr. 17

Kovacic, Milan; Will, Paul-Anton; Lipovsek, Benjamin; Topic, Marko; Lenk, Simone; Reineke, Sebastian; Krc, Janez: Coupled Optical Modeling for Optimization of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with External Outcoupling Structures. In: ACS PHOTONICS 5 (2018), Nr. 2, S. 422–430

Rafols-Ribe, Joan; Will, Paul-Anton; Hanisch, Christian; Gonzalez-Silveira, Marta; Lenk, Simone; Rodriguez-Viejo, Javier; Reineke, Sebastian: High-performance organic light-emitting diodes comprising ultrastable glass layers. In: SCIENCE ADVANCES 4 (2018), Nr. 5

Ullbrich, Sascha; Fischer, Axel; Tang, Zheng; Avila, Jorge; Bolink, Henk J.; Reineke, Sebastian; Vandewal, Koen: Electrothermal Feedback and Absorption-Induced Open-Circuit-Voltage Turnover in Solar Cells. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 9 (2018), Nr. 5

Fries, Felix; Froebel, Markus; Ang, Pen Yiao; Lenk, Simone; Reineke, Sebastian: Real-time beam shaping without additional optical elements. In: LIGHT-SCIENCE \& APPLICATIONS 7 (2018)

Fries, Felix; Fröbel, Markus; Ang, Pen Yiao; Lenk, Simone; Reineke, Sebastian: Organic Light-Emitting Diode Beam Shaping: Pixel Design for Variable Angular Emission Profile Control. In: SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 49 (2018), Nr. 1, S. 1143–1146