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61 bis 70 von 83104 Einträgen

Sysyn, Mykola; Gerber, Ulf; Nabochenko, Olga; Parneta, Boris: Laboratory evaluation of railway ballast consolidation by the non-destructive testing. In: Communications - Scientific Letters of the University of Zilina 21(2) (2019)

Sysyn, Mykola; Gerber, Ulf; Nabochenko, Olga; Grün, Dimitri; Kluge, Franziska: Prediction of Rail Contact Fatigue on Crossings Using Image Processing and Machine Learning Methods. In: Urban Rail Transit 5(2) (2019), S. 123–132

Clauss, Alexander; Lenk, Florian; Schoop, Eric: Enhancing International Virtual Collaborative Learning with Social Learning Analytics : (accepted in press). In: 2019 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on New Trends in Computing Sciences (ICTCS 2019) (2019)

Clauss, Alexander; Altmann, Mattis; Schoop, Eric: How to Design Case Studies to Foster Virtual Collaboration. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Iranian international and 13th national Conference on Quality Assessment in University Systems (QUAS-2019) (2019)

Altmann, Mattis; Schubert, Christopher D.G; Clauss, Alexander: Application Potentials of Blockchain Technology for E- Portfolios in Higher Education : (in press). In: Konferenzbeiträge der 10. Konferenz Professionelles Wissensmanagement (ProWM 2019) (2019)

Hartmann, Richard; Werther, Michael; Grossmann, Frank; Strunz, Walter T.: Exact open quantum sytem dynamics: Optimal frequency vs time representation of bath correlations. In: The Journal of Chemical Physics 150 (2019), Nr. 234105, S. 1–15

Link, Valentin; Luoma, Kimmo; Strunz, Walter T.: Revealing the nature of nonequilibrium phase transitions with quantum trajectories. In: Physical Review A 99 (2019), Nr. 062120, S. 1–7

Kruppke, Benjamin; Wagner, Alena-Svenja; Rohnke, Marcus; Heinemann, Christiane; Kreschel, Claudia; Gebert, Annett; Wiesmann, Hans-Peter; Mazurek, Sybille; Wenisch, Sabine; Hanke, Thomas: Biomaterial based treatment of osteoclastic/osteoblastic cell imbalance – Gelatin-modified calcium/strontium phosphates. In: Materials Science and Engineering: C 104 (2019), Nr. January

Imgrund, Florian; Janiesch, Christian: Understanding the Need for New Perspectives on BPM in the Digital Age: An Empirical Analysis. In: 1st International Workshop on BPM in the Era of Digital Innovation and Transformation: New Capabilities and Perspectives (BPMinDIT) (2019)

Hoffmann, Anton; Nong, Johanna Phuong; Bremer, Dr. Martina; Fischer, Prof. Steffen; Porzel, Dr. Andrea: Modification of Lignoboost Kraft Lignin from softwoods withdihydroxybenzenes. In: Reactive and Functional Polymers, Reactive and Functional Polymers (2019), Nr. 142, S. 112–118