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Control of the VGF Process I: Feedforward Control and Flatness Based State Feedback
S. Ecklebe, 18.09.2018

AREUS - a software framework for ATLAS Readout Electronics Upgrade Simulation
Nico Madysa, 01.07.2018

The Transdiagnostic Relevancy of Post-event Rumination: Comparing Experience Sampling Data of Depressed and Socially Anxious Individuals
Hoyer, J., Colic, J., Bassett, T.R., Latysheva, A., Bader, K., Mikoteit, T., Hatzinger, M., Lieb, R. & Gloster, A. , 02.09.2018

Safety behavior in the context of sexual dysfunction: Preliminary data on its frequency and on the validity of the concept.
Hoyer, J. , Klitzke, C., Wüllhorst, V., Heidenreich, T., Noyon, A. & Frank-Noyon, E. , 02.09.2018

The barriers for exposure-based interventions and how practitioners see it
Pittig, A. & Hoyer, J., 02.09.2018

The Role of Public Sector in Local Economic and Territorial Development in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe
Ortner, Andreas; Müller, Bernhard, 09/2017

Developmental windows of disease and disease prevention – lessons from a study on soy isoflavones and experimental breast cancer
Prof. Dr. Günter Vollmer , 16.10.2015

Experimental test results of tangential threshingcylinder with functionally integrated electric drive in combines
Aumer, Wolfgang, 19.06.2014 - 20.06.2014

Self-propelled Harvester with an Elektrical Traction Drive in Comparisation to the Hydraulik Drive
Striller, Benjamin, 19.06.2014 - 20.06.2014

Liberal Democracy and Civil Society
Hans Vorländer, 10/2013

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