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Invectivity. Insults and humiliations in Roman arenas of communication in the Late Republic and Early Empire
Martin Jehne, 31.01.2017

Hydrogel-based chemical and biochemical MEMS sensors.
G. Gerlach, 04.04.2017 - 05.04.2017

Keynote: Pressure For Change: Migrants, Their Skills & Their Labour Market Participation
Bohlinger, Sandra, 14.09.2017 - 14.12.2017

On partial differential equations involving time and their coefficients
Marcus Waurick, 09.02.2017

Null Space Monte Carlo modelling of groundwater flow paths
S. Woodward, T. Wöhling, and R. Stenger, 01.12.2016

Bayesian calibration of a lumped model to estimate catchment nitrate fluxes from monthly monitoring data
S. Woodward, T. Wöhling, M. Rode, and R. Stenger, 01.12.2016

Markov Chain Monte Carlo calibration of a lumped catchment model (StreamGEM) to monthly stream samples
S. Woodward, M. Orduña Alegria, T. Wöhling, and R. Stenger, 01.12.2016

Wairau aquifer recharge pathways
S. Wilson, T. Wöhling, and P. Davidson, 01.12.2016

Towards modelling Wairau river – aquifer exchange flux dynamics: Data integration and upscaling
Thomas Wöhling, 01.12.2015 - 04.12.2015

Coherence in nonautonomous dynamics
Kathrin Padberg-Gehle, 01.09.2014 - 05.09.2014

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