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Investigation on the Application of Operating Speed Dependent Motion Profiles in Processing Machines at the Example of Controlling Liquid Slosh.
Clemens Troll, 30.06.2019 - 04.07.2019

Quantumness of the szilard
Dr. Kimmo Luoma, 18.06.2019

V2V- and V2X-Communication data within adistributed computing platform for adaptive radio channel modelling
Dipl.-Ing. Florian Pinzel, 05.06.2019 - 07.06.2019

Evolution of microstructure, texture and mechanical properties during high pressure sliding of aluminium sheets
W. Skrotzki, A.-K. Herrmann, B. Marré, B. Jaschinski and Z. Horita, 06/2019

Origin of low temperature ductility of intermetallics
W. Skrotzki, R. Schaarschuch, C.-G. Oertel, G. Cao and J. Freudenberger, 05/2018

Remembering Mystical Characters – Children’s and Young Adults’ Perspectives on the Golem as Represented in Literature and Media
Caroline Wittig, 02.06.2018

Peri-urban ecosystem services’ trade-offs
Marta Sylla, 17.09.2018 - 18.09.2018

Challenges and opportunities of aligning forest function mapping and the ecosystem service concept in Germany
André Tiemann, 17.09.2018 - 18.09.2018

Total Synthesis of Diterpene Natural Products
Prof. Dr. Peter Metz, 23.11.2018

Total Synthesis of Diterpene Natural Products
Prof. Dr. Peter Metz, 22.11.2018

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