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Closure of the Global Mean Sea Level Budget over the Altimetry Era - Preliminary Results from the 'Sea Level Budget Closure' Project (ESA Climate Change Initiative), Keynote
Cazenave, A., 09/2018

Multitarget reactive sputter deposition of complex oxide thin films.
G. Suchaneck, 04/2018

Bisimulations, logics, and trace distributions for stochastic systems with rewards
Daniel Gburek, 11.04.2018 - 13.04.2018

Biological lattice-gas cellular automaton models for the analysis of collective behaviour in interacting cell populations
Prof. Dr. Deutsch, 25.07.2018

Highly Luminescent Nanocrystals: Protecting and Tuning of their Emission Properties
Chris Guhrenz, 03.07.2017

2D colloidal semiconductor nanomaterials: structure design and applications
Dr. Vladimir Lesnyak, 03.07.2017 - 07.07.2017

Cones in Normed Spaces - Application in Optimization Theory and the fate of Vulikh's book on cones
Prof. Dr. Martin R. Weber, 19.04.2017 - 21.04.2017

Laccase treatment of natural fibres for enhanced fibre matrix adhesion in NF-Reinforced composites
Brodowsky, H.; Werner, A., 0000

Probabilistic Model Checking
Christel Baier, 29.05.2017 - 04.06.2017

Push2web when less is more? Experimental evidence from a mixed-mode population survey at the community level in Germany
Robert Neumann, 10.07.2017

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