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Superelasticity in FeNiCoAlTaB and NiMnGa single crystals
R. Chulist, T. Tokarski, W. Maziarz, G. Cios, N. Schell, Y.I. Chumlyakov, A. Sozinov, L. Straka and W. Skrotzki, 03.01.2018 - 09.01.2018

Microstructure and texture evolution during severe plastic deformation of CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy
W. Skrotzki, A. Pukenas, B. Joni, E. Odor, T. Ungar, A. Hohenwarter, R. Pippan and E.P. George, 03.01.2018 - 09.01.2018

Genuine or phony? A q-sort study of the perceived authenticity of self-photographs and selfies
Lobinger, K., & Brantner, C. , 21.05.2015 - 25.05.2015

Toward an implicit cognition account of attribute agenda setting
Arendt, F., & Brantner, C., 21.05.2015 - 25.05.2015

Quality press and voter turnout: Evidence for causal effects and its underlying mechanisms
Arendt, F., & Brantner, C., 21.05.2015 - 25.05.2015

Netzwerk Teilchenwelt - Particle Physics Education and Outreach in Germany
U. Bilow, 17.10.2015

On the ductility of B2 structured intermetallic compounds
W. Skrotzki, 03.01.2012 - 08.01.2012

BER Performance Evaluation of Continuous Transmission Cooperative Relaying Protocol
P. Rost, 0000